Monday, September 1, 2008

We moved to Pleasant Hill a year and a half ago. We used to live in Eugene. We are trying to adopt the 2 little girls Adriaunna and Ariae. Living in a 3 bedroom house was to small. Our family looked for houses for a year, then finally we found the perfect house for our family in Pleasant Hill. It's on almost 27 ares with 5 bedrooms. We love it! Steven (the dad) owns a Plumbing Business and White Water Rafting Company. In church he is a Young Mens President and he teaches Plumbing at LCC. 
Jennifer (mom) Full time mom for 5 kids, teaches Aerobics. And in Church works with the Valiant girls in Primary.
Stefanie is the Big sister, going to be a junior at PHHS. She just got her License on the summer of  2008 and has her own car! (That her dad got her.)
Jakob the Big brother, going to be the biggest one in middle school. An 8th grader his final year and is playing Football and Basketball this year. 
Adriaunna, We are so happy that she is a part of our family now! She is going to be a 2nd grader this year. She loves to play in any sport and very excited to be Baptized.
Joshua was the youngest of the family until we added 2 new additions to the family. He's going into 1st grade. He loves to ride his Motorcycle and loves to farm (we have Chickens and Cows.) 
Ariae Rae is the baby of the family. This sweet little girl is going into preschool. It will give mom some extra time to be by herself for a little while.
So that's just a little about our Big Family!